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Important Facts

  • SAT Registration : 

  • Please check for information and dates regarding the SAT Subject Tests. Not all SAT Subject Tests are offered on every test date.
  • SAT Subject Tests allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of specific subject areas to colleges. It is recommended that students take an SAT Subject Test shortly after finishing the related high school course so the information is fresh in mind. 
  • Some universities or colleges may require or recommend one or more SAT Subject Tests.
  • Successful completion of a Subject Test may allow a student to earn college credits or skip an introductory level course.
  • Fee waivers are available for students with financial need.  Contact Ms. Denke in D House or through email for more information.

Important Facts   

  • ACT Registration: at 
  • More colleges and universities are becoming test-optional. has a searchable database of these schools. Students should also reference college websites to check the application requirements of the schools they are applying to.
  • Fee waivers are available for students with financial need.  Contact Ms. Denke in D House or through email for more information.


Deciding between the SAT and ACT? The major differences between the two tests include: 

Students who do better on the SAT typically: 

- enjoy brain teasers or riddles

- don't have to study to pass tests

- are "street smart"

- are good at reading between the lines

- have a good eye for detail


Students who do better on the ACT typically: 

- enjoy science, economics, or debate

- work hard in school to earn good grades

- are "book smart"

- are good writers

- are better at reading for general idea. 

Click here for more information on SAT and ACT Comparisons.

SAT & ACT Prep Options
This information is provided only as a resource for students and parents. Norwalk High School does not promote or endorse any particular service.

Through NHS:

  • SAT Prep Math and SAT Prep English- Courses are offered as part of Norwalk High’s curriculum. These are quarter length elective classes for juniors and seniors. See Program of Studies for course descriptions.
  • “Let’s Get Ready”- SAT prep for a minimal fee. Typically held from January to April in preparation for spring exams. *times subject to change. Please see your guidance counselor for more information.


Outside NHS:

  • ASPIRE- ACT tutoring through partnership with Community Action Network. Requires recommendation by Guidance Department due to criteria established by foundation. Please ask your guidance counselor for more information.
  • Kaplan Tutoring & Prep- offers SAT prep courses, tutoring and free events. 1-800-KAP-TEST    
  • C2 Education- offers both SAT and ACT prep courses.
  • Princeton Review- offers SAT & ACT prep courses, tutoring & free online practice tests.     1246 Post Road East Westport, CT 06880  1-888-759-7737        

Goals of Redesigned SAT

  • More focused on the few essential things that research shows matter most for college readiness
  • Assessment and instruction will work together
  • Open and clear, so students and educators know what to expect

SAT Resources:
College Board: Redesigned SAT Facts

Khan Academy:

Score Reporting List:

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