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Services Offered

Norwalk High School

School Counseling Services

Goals of the Counseling Department:

  • Assist students in academic and social development
  • Encourage students to create an appropriate, challenging curriculum
  • Assist students in college and career planning, and ensure students are prepared for their postsecondary choice
  • Assist students with transitioning in and out of high school, and encourage them to get involved in the school and community
  • Help students develop and maintain effective relationships
  • Collaborate with school staff and community agencies as resources
  • Consult with parents and staff to ensure the needs of the student are being met

The Counseling Program at Norwalk High School aims to assist in the comprehensive development of each student across the academic, college/career, and social/emotional domains—referred to as Student Success Planning. Counselors proactively seek to ensure that all students achieve success during all four years. Naviance is utilized by the students for college and career interests. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor as their schedule permits, and parents by appointment.


Freshman Year

The focus is on helping students to become acclimated to their new school and make a successful transition to high school. Students meet in small cohorts with their counselor to discuss high school scheduling and grading requirements and develop efficient study habits. Students are encouraged to start strong, and they are introduced to opportunities for getting involved in their school and the community. Students take the Career Interest Inventory and become acquainted with the Early College Awareness Program.


Sophomore Year

Counselors stress the importance of strong curriculum choices and monitor academic progress. Counselors also help to delineate long-term goals and reinforce effective goal-setting strategies. Students are encouraged to utilize the NHS Career Center. Students take the PSAT and are advised to consider taking SAT Subject Tests. Counselors strive to aid students in developing their interests, skills, talents, and abilities. Students also complete the Personality Profiler.


Junior Year

Building a strong and challenging academic profile is emphasized. The focus remains on continued academic success as well as interests and skills with an outlook toward postsecondary options. Students are encouraged to attend college representative visits, involving reps from over 125 schools. Counselors help students to develop a testing plan, including retaking the PSAT and taking the spring SAT. Students are advised to use Naviance as a tool for researching college and career options, and they are invited to begin going on college visits.


Senior Year

Counselors meet individually with students to review postsecondary plans and ensure they are on track to fulfill graduation requirements. Students are invited to continue attending the college rep visits and may retake the SAT. Students can attend an alumni panel discussion by recent graduations describing their college experience. The Essay Mentorship Program is offered to provide students with support in writing their college essays. Counselors advise students on how to obtain scholarships, financial aid, and letters of recommendation. Families are invited to attend Financial Aid Night. Guidance interns conduct seminars for students to assist with requisite forms (including the Common Application), scholarship applications, and college essay tutoring.


*Academic Support is available to students in the resource centers during their study hall periods.