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Scholarships/Financial Aid


The Dr. Viola Skenderis Community Scholarship application is now live!  This application is for all NHS seniors who have a minimum of 2.5 GPA, and it is one application that makes you eligible for scholarships specific to NHS.  Scholarship recipients will be recognized at our awards ceremony on Thursday May 25th.  The deadline for this application is Wednesday February 15th, but please turn it in as quickly as possible.

Here is the link for the online scholarship application:

Dr. Viola Skenderis Community Scholarship Application

To fill out the application, please use your student account and a laptop/Chromebook.  You may get an error notification if you try completing it on your phone. 


Your parents' 2022 taxes should be turned in to me in B House as part of the application in order to be considered for any need-based scholarships.  If the 2022 taxes aren't filed yet, you can provide 2021 tax returns and then get the 2022 returns to me by April 1, 2023.  Tax returns are shredded when the application process is complete.



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