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Mathematics Department

Math Department Overview

The Norwalk High School Mathematics Department is comprised of 16 teachers. The department chairperson is currently Maureen Ireland.

Courses taught range from Mathematics for Multi Language Learners to AP Statistics and AP Calculus, including all courses in between. The department is home to the Computer Science curriculum where AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A are taught.

The goal of the Norwalk High School mathematics department is that all students will persevere when faced with challenging content, approach problems from different perspectives, explain solutions accurately and coherently, and develop a curiosity about the nature of mathematics.


Suggestions from the department for students preparing for their assessments in Math class.

  1. If your teacher hands out a review packet, do all the problems. Try to finish them before your assessment so you can ask for help on certain items. Also, review other materials from the unit.
  2. In math, it is always better to do the problem instead of just reading someone else’s solution (as with sports and music, you cannot expect to be able to “play” just by watching someone else do it).
  3. If there is something you have been struggling with, get help as soon as you can, even if that means going over an old homework or quiz with your teacher. Do not wait until the end of the unit for the topic to come back during the review.
  1.  Take advantage of extra help sessions offered by your teacher before your assessment and come prepared with questions. Students may also take advantage of study hall times during the day to get extra help too.