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Norwalk High School Parents Club
Mission Statement

Founded in 1945 as the Fathers Club, the Norwalk High School Parents 
Club is the oldest group dedicated to the Norwalk High School community. 
Our mission is to act on behalf of the general welfare of Norwalk High 
School by raising funds to support opportunities which enhance student 
educational and campus life. These opportunities are otherwise 
non-funded, underfunded or startup programs. We work directly with 
student organizations, staff and other parent groups to promote Norwalk 
High School, raise school spirit, increase community awareness and give 
back to the school community. The organization accepts proposals in 
request of financial support, which are reviewed, evaluated and voted on 

In addition to fundraising, the Parents Club provides a monthly forum 
for parents and staff to gather and discuss all current academic and 
social activities at Norwalk High School. Ongoing support from parents 
and staff enables continued support for all students at Norwalk High 
School. The Parents Club has been, and will continue to be, the backbone 
of our school. To continue our mission, we need the help and support of 
parents, guardians and alumni. 

Contact Information

President: Diana Carpio

Vice President: Lisa Nuzzo

Treasurer: Beth Ann Karlehag

Secretary: Jill Arvanitis

Social Media Account: Facebook; Norwalk High School Parents Club


Meeting Dates:


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