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Nurse's Office

Nurse’s Office

Sports physicals are required yearly for students participating in school sports.  Sports physicals are valid for one year and one month and must be submitted on the CT Health Assessment Record (blue form) to the nurse before try-outs. If your ninth grader is going to participate in sports they must have a physical form submitted to the nurse before try-outs. A physical done for a new ninth grader before July 1st is valid for sports only. Click here for Sports Physical Form

Ninth Grade Physicals are required during ninth grade. A valid physical is one performed after July 1st before your child’s ninth grade year and before the start of tenth grade. Physicals can be submitted to the nurse anytime while your child is in ninth grade. Ninth graders who have not submitted a valid form by the start of tenth grade will be excluded from school until the requirement is met.

Physicals must be on the CT Health Assessment Record commonly known as the blue form. This is the only physical required for high school unless your child is participating in school athletics.


Medications: If your child needs medications during the school day you must submit a completed Medication Administration form for each medication needed. The form must be completed by your pediatrician and signed by a parent or guardian. In high school, students may carry their own medications. You must still have the medication administration form filled out but you and your doctor must check yes and sign at the bottom for permission for self-administration.


Early Dismissal: Dismissals for illness are handled through the Nurse’s Office. All other dismissals including for doctor’s appointments are handled by your house office secretary.


Medical Restrictions:  If your child needs academic adjustments or to be excused from gym or sports for an extended period of time due to an injury, concussion or illness, you will need to supply a doctor’s note stating the amount of time they will need to be excused AND the date of their reevaluation. A note from a doctor is required for your child to return to regular academics and activities. This is especially important for clearance for concussions.


Medical Forms including physical forms and Medication Administration forms can be downloaded on the Norwalk Public Schools websiteclick here to access the forms.  Downloaded physical forms do not need to be on blue paper.


Contact Information

Phone: 203 838-4481 ext 13009
Fax: 203 899-2815

Medical Aide: ext 13009

Jim Corradino RN:  ext 13010

Meghan Pennington RN: ext 13011