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Welcome to Norwalk High School

Home of the Bears

OUR MISSION: Norwalk High School, a community of students, teachers, administrators and families, embraces its diversity and encourages intellectual curiosity. We value a safe, accepting culture rooted in a rigorous, relevant curriculum rich with technology and artistic expression.

We must challenge students to become knowledgeable, ethical citizens capable of making independent and collaborative decisions in real-world settings. We must prepare students for the social, civic, and technological demands of the 21st century in order to effectively participate in an ever-changing global society that acknowledges and accepts all cultures.

Academic Competencies

  • Students will demonstrate effective literacy skills by communicating through writing, read and speaking.
  • Students will be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers in real-world settings.
  • Students will ethically & effectively use technology to enhance their learning.

Social Competencies

  • Students will work effectively as a collaborative member of a group.
  • Students will participate responsibly in their education.
  • Students will communicate an understanding and empathy for global perspectives.

Civic Competencies

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to be contributing members of their community.

OUR VISION: Norwalk High School is a diverse and dynamic community that operates in a safe environment. The population of students, faculty, and staff is a compilation of academically inquisitive, environmentally responsible, and ethical thinkers who solve dilemmas, and who challenge themselves in artistic expression, inspired collaboration, and healthy life choices. We value our openness of thought and perspective; we exercise informed empathy; we actively practice social consciousness and responsibility. We work for humanized unity; and we prepare ourselves to meet the technological demands required of global citizenry.