School Guides


Alcohol and Drugs:Alcoholic beverages or controlled drugs, as defined by Connecticut law, are not allowed on school property or at a school activity conducted elsewhere.(more...)

Safety Hazards, Annoyances and Fads:Pupils are not permitted to bring to school such items as canes, sticks, water pistols, beepers, cell phones, walkman, laser pens, etc.(more...)

Smoking Policy:Students - The use of tobacco substances is not permitted in any building of the Norwalk Public Schools.Use of tobacco substances is prohibited in all areas at all times on the grounds of the Norwalk Public Schools.Students who violate this policy will be subject to suspensions and fines.
Staff, Parents and Visitors - Use of tobacco is prohibited in all areas of Norwalk Public School buildings at all times and on school grounds between 30 minutes before and after school and during school activities.

Eligibility (Scholastic):Scholastic eligibility at the beginning of each marking period will be established by the grades of the previous marking period.(more...)


Discipline Policies:Suspensions and Expulsion Removal from the Classroom(more...)

Honor Policy:We, at Norwalk High School, believe that our educational system should be based upon honesty attained through the independent learning process. In our endeavor to promote academic integrity,(more...)

Plagiarism:Cheating in any form is a serious violation of all codes of academic ethics.Plagiarism, the presentation of another's work or ideas without proper credit, is another violation of these codes. Pupils can expect that serious academic and administrative penalties will be imposed for such infractions.

Public Complaints:Board members shall refer persons making complaints about the schools to the most immediate level at which the problems can be resolved, and thence, as may be necessary, through lines of organization to the Superintendent of Schools.Parents should be made aware of the proper channels of communication and appeal.(more...)

Pupil Searches :The building principal or his/her designee is authorized to search a pupil's person, car or locker where there exists reasonable grounds for suspecting the search will produce evidence that the pupil has violated or is violating either the law or a school rule.(more...)

Technology & others:

Cell Phones and Pagers:State of Connecticut Regulations (PUBLIC ACT No. 96-108) effective July 1, 1996, is the basis for the following regulation: a)No student may possess or use a remotely activated paging device in school or on school property. b) No student may possess or use a cellular mobile telephone in school or on school property.

Regulations for Student Use of Computers and Networks:Computers and networks provide access to resources as well as the ability to communicate with other users worldwide.Such open access is a privilege and requires that individual users act responsibly.(more...)

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