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School Based Health Center

NHS/PTECH Know Your Resources 2024

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As a student of Norwalk High School your child has the opportunity to take advantage of on-site medical and mental health care services offered through the School-Based Health Center (SBHC).

The SBHC is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with particular expertise in child/adolescent health who also work with the school nurse, NHS social work staff and guidance counselors. Medical services provided through the SBHC include diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illness (for example: strep throat, bronchitis, ear infections, asthma, injuries); immunizations; nutrition counseling; weight management; eating disorders and health education. Mental health services include individual, group and family counseling on numerous issues including high-risk behavior.

In order for your child to take advantage of the services offered through the SBHC, a permission form and medical history form must be filled out by the student’s parent/guardian and returned to the SBHC. You can download the permission form under “forms” on this page.

The staff of the SBHC works with the child’s primary care doctor and assists in linking students to available community resources. In addition, the staff of the SBHC works closely with the child and their family to address health concerns.

The above services are provided at no out-of-pocket costs to the child’s family. SBHC services are made possible through a limited amount of public funds. Many families carry health insurance that covers some of the services offered by the SBHC. In order to defray the cost of providing services, ensure that public funds stretch as far as possible, and continue to serve as many children as possible, the SBHC will attempt to bill insurance companies for services covered. Families will never be held responsible for services that are billed but not covered.

We ask that you carefully complete the student insurance information portion of the enclosed permission form and send a copy of your insurance card to

School Based Health Center Staff

Secretary/Main Line     13340 

Ivy Braun APRN           13344  

Ariana Richards LC.S.W          13341

HOURS: 9am to 2pm (Hours are subject to change, therefore call to confirm)

LOCATION: Health Center (3rd Floor C House)

SBHC Required Documents

Enrollment Forms (English)

Enrollment Forms (Spanish)

Other Forms

Telehealth Acknowledgement Form (English)

Telehealth Acknowledgement Form (Spanish)

Mental Health Referral Form (English)

Mental Health Referral Form (Spanish)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call  our office manager at extension 13340.