The Guidance Program is designed to provide comprehensive guidance and counseling services
responding to the developmental needs of high School students in the areas of social
growth, academic performance, and post-secondary planning.  Each year individual students success plans are assigned to achieve their goals. Guidance counselors are complementary to the administrative, teaching, and support staffs of the school. The collaboration and mutual support of these groups is essential to the implementation of guidance objectives. The program is committed to providing each student with continuity in the relationship to one counselor throughout high school.

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 Important Dates-Guidance Department

 Please note that dates may be subject to change and additional info and dates will be added. 

Career Center Contact: 203-838-4481 (EXT: 13233)

Counseling House B
Phone Extension
 Ms.Yvonne Berrios  EXT: 13232 
Dr. Daniel Sullivan
(Department Chair)  EXT: 13272
Mr. Michael Surace EXT: 13331
Ms. Catalina Salace
(Social Worker) EXT: 13320
Counseling House D    Phone Extension 
 Ms. Robyn Denke EXT: 13252
 Ms. Tasha Sherrill EXT: 13271
 Dr. Chelsey Docimo EXT: 13215
 Ms. Shanda Haynie  EXT: 13255