Health and Physical Education Department

Norwalk High School provides a balanced Physical Education program which provides each student with an opportunity to develop into a physically-educated person; one who learns skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities; is physically fit; participates regularly in physical activity; knows the benefits from involvement in physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle.

Our program is currently divided into several courses – Physical Education I; Physical Education II; Aquatic Fundamentals; Lifeguarding; Water Safety Instruction and Fit for Life. All courses offer students a wide variety of team and individual activities. Students are expected to demonstrate skill development and an understanding and application of the rules, strategies and concepts related to all activities. Students will be asked to complete a variety of assessments within each unit covered in both courses.

The assessment practices will support and guide the instruction of Physical Education and the learning of each student. The process of gathering evidence will make inferences about student learning, and communicate to students and all those concerned about their learning in Physical Education how students are progressing toward certain goals. The evidence gathered will be consistent with goals and will guide teaching as well as document student learning.

Each course meets daily for one semester, and upon successful completion, students will earn ½ credit. Norwalk Public Schools graduation requirements mandate students earn 1 credit in Physical Education.

In our Health Education courses, we will discuss concepts related to physical health and overall wellness.

 The ultimate goal of Health Education is to enable someone to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and services and how to use this information in ways that can benefit one’s own health. Students will learn that most health problems can possibly be prevented through positive health behaviors.

Our Health Education program is divided into 2 courses – Health I and Health II. Health I is primarily designed for freshmen and sophomores; Health II is designed for juniors and seniors. Additionally, students may take American Red Cross First Aid and CPR. Each course meets daily for a semester, and upon successful completion, students will earn 1/2 credit. Norwalk Public Schools graduation requirements mandate students earn 1 credit in Health Education.


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