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Science Department Overview

The Science Department offers courses which introduce students to the concepts, laws, and processes of the life and physical sciences. All Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses utilize the laboratory extensively. A minimum of three credits of science are required for graduation, as well as four STEM credits. Students who want to be considered for any of the honors or Advanced Placement classes must meet the specific pre-requisites delineated within each course description and, through their previous science classes, have effectively demonstrated the following habits of mind:

  • the motivation and discipline to complete all short- and long-term assignments and written laboratory findings in a clear, concise and timely manner
  • an ability to independently collect, manipulate and analyze data
  • a highly-defined ability to problem-solve and work with abstract concepts
  • an ability to acquire and successfully utilize and apply a great amount of discipline-specific content, vocabulary and appropriate mathematical formulas
  • the focus and responsibility to deal with rigorous pacing of instruction and the pressures inherent within an advanced level of study

Core Course Offerings Include:
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Engineering (Project Lead the Way) Course Offerings Include:
ntroduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture 

Elective Course Offerings Include:
Astronomy, Earth History, Environmental Science, Everyday Chemistry, Forensics, Genetics, Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology, Marine Biology, and Meteorology

Advanced Placement (AP) Course Offerings Include:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science


Science Department 

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